Our Mission

Pangaea: Connecting Humanity was born in January of 2016 to fill a need for a non-profit organization targeted towards newcomers to the Calgary community. We were driven by a desire to connect people in partnerships based on mutual respect, bidirectional learning, and personal growth. Pangaea was created to offer new Calgarians of all demographics the chance to both gain skills and knowledge required to function in a new society and also to allow them to share their personal histories and cultures with longtime participants in Western Canadian culture. The organization was founded not only as a community-based venture but additionally as a University of Calgary club, allowing the chance for students to supplement their book-learning with opportunities to build themselves as individuals and widen their appreciation for cultures and concepts outside of their own. As a body of individuals we are volunteers dedicated to making the Calgary community more welcoming by offering helping hands and open minds.


How we are making a difference

“I had to tell you just how much of a difference you are all making in the lives of the entire family. Their teachers have noticed a marked improvement in their school work since you starting working with the children…the family and I credit all of YOU for this. The added time you are spending with each of the kids has truly increased their academic performance and their overall confidence. The more casual things you do together (letting them play games on your phones, helping them navigate the computer, letting them teach you signing, drawing sketches for them, etc) has truly made their time with you so enjoyable...they are having so much fun with you and they are feeling more and more like "Canadian" kids!"

-Brenda Dushinski, community link